Sunday, December 11, 2011

Do I really need a writer's blog?

As I scoured the internet, looking for clues, leads, and hoping to find out what fiction writers are blogging about these days, I stumbled upon a few websites proclaiming a ‘writer’s blog’ is nothing more than a waste of time.
Yes, it is true; many authors strongly suggest a blog is a huge distraction to a writer. Blog up-keep and regular entries take away from real creative time and meaningful prose, which could be applied towards your next novel or short story. Some critics believe that having a writer’s blog is a forced idea, which more and more new writers are starting to believe.
Others proclaim the majority of readers visit a writer’s blog only because they find the blog itself intriguing, and are not whole-heartily interested in the authors published accomplishments. I guess this is true as well. I have been guilty of such crimes.
As I continued to click from site to site, I read many valid points. So why then do I continue writing this post? Because, I believe most writers, especially indie, strive day after day to build some kind of reading audience, big or small. And without blogging or getting active in social media sites, it is almost impossible to build a solid following. It is difficult enough with social media.
So do I really need a writer’s blog? I guess my answer would be – yes. What would it hurt? And besides, what is wrong with engaging with other writing and reading enthusiasts? Yes, of course, you must have a balance. I wouldn’t recommend putting all your writing efforts into blogging. But at least make a valiant effort to post once or twice a week. Who knows, you may even attract a few loyal and engaging readers. So go ahead and blog away.

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