Saturday, December 24, 2016

Elvis and Christmas

All of us have our Christmas traditions. Whether it’s staying home to cook and having your family over, or loading up in the car and heading to grandma’s house, we all have our traditions.
I’ve tried to develop a tiny tradition of my own over the last few years, inspired by a woman who was probably the strongest person I ever knew, my mammaw. I’ve been playing Elvis for the last many years on Christmas to pay homage to her. Let me tell you why.
So many years ago I remember Christmas at her house, the candy and nuts spread out on trays, the enormous Christmas tree. But what I remember most, what stands out to me in my mind is the snippet of her stepping up to her large wooden console turntable to play her Elvis Christmas record. Now, as a little boy of no more than three or four, I remember those sounds echoing through her large two-story home. It didn’t mean much to me then, because I didn’t know better, but somehow, all these years later, I’ve had the sense to recognize how much it meant to her.
So, in honor of her, here is some ’68 Comeback Elvis, which I’ve been playing for several Christmases now. And let me say, if you don’t think Elvis was the coolest son of a bitch in 1968, then go listen to some Frank Sinatra, or some other shit. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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