Monday, May 29, 2017

Gregg Allman: A Quick Memory

It wasn’t one of the legendary shows at the Fillmore East from the early 70s, but I did have the privilege to see the Allman Brothers in 2001 at Louisville Motor Speedway. It was hot as hell that day and the stage sat facing the sun. I remember Gregg Allman had a stack of white towels beside him on his piano, one stack replaced by another as the scorching day progressed. He wore a long-sleeved shirt, rolled midway to his forearms. I kept thinking to myself that he had to be miserable up there playing. However, he made no mention of the heat between songs. He grabbed a towel, wiped his face and hands and went on, thanking the crowd after each deserving applause. Gregg Allman was a class act. And if you’ve seen any interviews of him, you’ll recognize right away that he was also a humble man. He was one of the good guys.